The Last of Us releases on PC with major issues

The Last of Us is a technical marvel, it managed to look like a next-gen title but still ran very well on the PlayStation 3, a console that was notoriously difficult to develop for.

All of this was thanks to Naughty Dog’s knowledge of the PlayStation 3’s hardware, as well as their position as a first-party developer for Sony.

Sadly, PC users aren’t amazed, as the game’s recent port is riddled with graphical and performance issues, which have lead to many angry Steam reviews.

Steam users have expected The Last of Us to land on PC for a decade, but they did not expect so many glitches and a frame rate that constantly dips below 10.

Some of the glitches look like the result of lobotomizing a graphics card, but many have actually been consistent amongst different players, especially the RGB floor glitch.

Here are some of the graphical issues we have spotted so far:

The game is currently sitting on a “Mostly Negative” Steam rating as of right now, which equates to a generous 38% positive score.

Players on the Steam forums are seeking help for the game’s many performance problems, which Naughty Dog has issued a day-1 hotfix for, but more work still needs to be done.

Sony was building a good track record when it comes to porting their games to PC, so it’s baffling that they would drop the ball so hard on their biggest title.

Naughty Dog has addressed the issues on Twitter and says they will continue to work on improvements.

The images used in this article have been taken straight from Steam’s screenshot hub, users credited are as follows: Acrillix, shezzor, Xenon, Taylor and Niestex.

The Last of Us Part I is available on PlayStation 5 and Microsoft Windows (through Steam).


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