Japanese sidescrolling horror game THE LAST MATCH GIRL announced


Indie Japanese developer ChronoJuvenile has announced THE LAST MATCH GIRL, a new sidescrolling horror game set in a ruined world.

THE LAST MATCH GIRL is in development for Windows PC (via Steam), though a release date wasn’t announced.

Here’s a rundown on the game, plus its reveal trailer:

Finding the place to return, a survival horror of ashes and light. In a city where the dawn never comes, scavenging for food, scavenging for life, and yet you are still alive… “Welcome home.”

A Journey to Find a Place to Die

In a world submerged in ashes, only a broken traffic light ticks away the time quietly. The few people who are left are entering their final hours as their bodies are burned to ashes. But a rotting doll awaits you in a garbage dump of a world that is ending…

Burn away the ashes and creatures

The ashes that cover the city can be burned away by the light of your lanterns and matches. Little by little, decontaminating the city would increase the range of travel. The light can burn away even the most polluted creatures.

Make tomorrow a little better than yesterday

There must still be a faint amount of food in the city to hold on to your life. Scavenge through trash cans, scavenge through filth, and connect to life.

You can also get various items from vending machines with the rare old currency. Enhancing it with items and furnishing your base will make your day a little better.

With sufficient reserves, you will have more scope for action. If you remove the pollution and enhance your life, your doll and your health will improve. But as the light grows stronger, so does the darkness…



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