The King of Fighters XV Shun’ei Gameplay Teaser

The King of Fighters XV Shun'ei

SNK Corporation have released a new gameplay teaser trailer for The King of Fighters XV, focused on Shun’ei.

Shun’ei is the series current protagonist, who first appeared inThe King of Fighters XIV. Born in China, he was abandoned by his parents after he developed strange powers. He was then taken in by Tung Fu Rue, training his powers as his last disciple.

Over the course of XIV, it is learned that Sun’ei’s powers come from an interdimentional being Verse. This grants Shun’ei telekinesis to control both fire and water, manifesting as two giant claws.

You can find Character Trailer #1 below.

As previously reported at the game’s announcement, the game is currently being optimized, with certain features being “brushed up.” An animated promotional short by Masami Obari (the 1990s Fatal Fury movies) is set to be released soon, along with a new trailer next week.

The King of Fighters XV launches 2021. Platforms have not been confirmed at this time. We shall keep you informed as we learn more.

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