The King of Fighters XV Luong Reveal Trailer

The King of Fighters XV Luong

SNK Corporation have released a new gameplay teaser trailer for The King of Fighters XV focused on Luong.

Nicknamed The Enchanting Beauty, Luong is one of the newer characters; debuting in The King of Fighters XIV. Despite her sadistic delight in toying with her opponents in battle, she is right affectionate to lover Gang-il, and his student Kim Kaphwan. The three formed Team Kim in The King of Fighters XIV.

While her fighting style is speculated to be Taekwondo-like, her stand out features are her legs; hitting like a truck and kicking out as fast as a machine gun. Her flirtatious behavior may even give Mai Shiranui a run for her money.

You can find the Luong trailer below.

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In earlier news, we may get more details during this year’s EVO 2021 Online, acquired by Sony Interactive Entertainment in March of this year. In recent news, the Evo Community Series’ PlayStation 4 Tournaments were announced.

In late December 2018, SIE Japan Asia President Atsushi Morita stated the then recent spate of censorship of anime-styled sexual content on PlayStation 4 games had been to meet global standards.” This censorship was seemingly forced in Japan. Will Luong’s behavior cause issues for the game in future fighting game tournaments?

The King of Fighters XV launches Q1 2022. Platforms have not been confirmed at this time. We shall keep you informed as we learn more.



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