The Head of Sony’s Game Studios is in Super Time Force Ultra

As Capy Games tells it, getting Shuhei Yoshida, the President of Sony’s Worldwide Studios, into 2D action platformer Super Time Force Ultra was painless: he was asked if he was interested, he said yes, and that was that. It must have been more involved than that, but the point is he’s said to have been very willing.

Capy Games’ reasoning behind including the executive in the game is that they wanted to distinguish the PS4 and PS Vita versions from all the ones that had come before. After thinking about it some, they landed on the idea of creating a new character, and decided it should be Yoshida.

In the game, Yoshida fights with his … phone, which fires … Twitter tweets. Huh. It makes thematic sense for the character: Yoshida is well known as a prolific and affable twa… uhm, twitterer, after all. (This is his Twitter account, if all this talk of his tweeting has made you curious.) Tapping the attack button will fire hearts from his phone, while holding the button down and then releasing it will shoot text.

You can see the idea in action in the trailer above, which is from the PlayStation Experience. The concept’s been well executed, I think. I’d characterize Yoshida’s presentation in the game as “cute” and “adorable”, even.

Thanks to Yahoo! News for extra details.



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