Harvest Overlay Eroge Being Ported to the PS Vita, to Arrive in June in Japan

harvest overray 2015-03-25

Giga are porting their visual novel, Harvest Overlay*, to the PS Vita. The eroge was originally developed for Windows PCs, and launched on that platform last year.

In Harvest Overlay, the near future has technology so developed that most things have been digitized. In this world, Makito, a gaming fanatic, hasn’t been excited by anything he has played lately. One day, he receives an invitation to a closed beta for an augmented reality game called “Harvest Onreal”, the newest title from Cymell Corporation. Makito signs up for the game without reading the user agreement, and later discovers that he is unable to exit the game, nor turn off the AR.

Fellow game lover and underclassman, Lilia; the Napoleonic upperclassman, Komachi; Yuuka, a transfer student Makito is acquainted with; and Makito’s younger sister, Sumi, who is a coding savant, all join forces to clear the game.

Harvest Overlay is scheduled to release for the PS Vita on June 25 in Japan. The limited edition will include a 2-disc original soundtrack, “Harmonic Reality”, and has a reference price of 6,458 yen.

*Harvest Overlay has mistakenly been translated by Giga as Harvest Overray but, considering the subject matter, the VN’s title is more accurately the former.

(Thanks, Games Talk.)

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