The Guided Fate Cross Thesis is Revealed for PS3

the guided fate cross thesis scan 1

Famitsu has confirmed the previous rumors that swirled after Nippon Ichi Software trademarked The God and Fate Awakening Cross Thesis.

The game is already coming out this year on July 24th, and the game’s new theme is “ultimate choice.” The game’s main focus is around two women, Jupiel Chuumi and Aruru Toue. If you save one girl, the other girl dies. This, sadly, is your ultimate choice.

The Guided Fate Cross Thesis is also coming with new gameplay systems and brand new 3D graphics, as well as character designs by Noizi Ito and Airi Hori. Character models in game are described as “cartoon shaded” and the dungeons, like the original, are randomly generated.

The retail release of The Guided Fate Cross Thesis will set you back 6,800 yen, while the download version gets a discount at 5,714 yen. A limited edition will be revealed later, although we know it will cost 8,800 yen.



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