The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles Officially Announced; Launches July 27th on PC, PS4, and Switch

Capcom have officially announced The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Steam.

The Great Ace Attorney: Adventures and The Great Ace Attorney 2: Resolve originally launched only in Japan on Nintendo 3DS; showing the adventures of Phoenix Wright’s ancestor; Ryunosuke Naruhodo. The game is set in Meji era Japan (or Nippon as it was known), when the western world first began to influence the nation; along with their legal system. Ryunosuke’s first client to defend; himself.

His adventures take him beyond Nippon, traveling to England and meeting eccentric detective Herlock Sholmes. Set nearly 100 years before the events of the first Ace Attorney game- defend your clients across 10 chapters.

Find and examine evidence in the crime scenes, use the Dance of Deduction with Sholmes to gain new insight into the clues, present them in court, and cry out Objection when the testimony has a contradiction.

As with the other games, Ryunosuke is sure to meet weird and wonderful characters. Along with the aforementioned Sholmes, players will met Ryunosuke’s mentor Kazuma Asogi, legal aide in training Susato Mikotoba, and Sholmes’ assistant and child-genius Iris Wilson. Players will also be up against the distant relative of the Payne family Taketsuchi Auchi, and prosecutor Barok van Zieks.

The game has kept the Japanese names from the original game (as evidenced by Ryunosuke and Taketsuchi keeping the surnames that would otherwise be translated as Wright and Payne), while English names such as Mr. Fairplay will be adapted in the typical pun-based style the series is known for.

The game will also keep in-game Japanese text in scenes and evidence. Hovering over them with your cursor will provide English subtitles however. Players can also freely switch between English and Japanese audio.

Players will not just have to prove their case to the judge; Japan’s new legal system also sees a jury. Using Summation Examination, players will attempt to persuade the jury by pointing out the contradictions. The jury members may even make their own objections, and you will need the right evidence to debunk their claims.

The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles also features the series-first Story Mode. As Capcom proudly state “this mode allows you to kick back and enjoy the story while the game effectively plays itself,” letting players enjoy the game akin to a visual novel. It may also act as a way to get past trickier segments, as the mode can be turned on or off whenever the player wishes.

In addition, the game features an art gallery (with commentary from the art director), and replaying animated videos from the story. There are also eight additional “Escapades;” mini-episodes separate from the main story that act as slice-of-life episodes written by series director Shu Takumi.

There are also two Special Trial videos (early trailers for the original games, including the 2017 “Crossover Trial” with Phoenix), and the thirteen “Ryunosuke Naruhodo’s Seven Days of Sin” (where Japanese fans originally voted online on Naruhodo’s guilt or innocence). Finally, there are three alternate costumes that can be used in The Great Ace Attorney 2: Resolve.

You can find the announcement trailer and special message from Ace Attorney series director Shu Takumi below.

Those who pre-order the game will earn 25 additional pieces of art for the Gallery, and 29 additional pieces of music for the Auditorium. In addition, the Ace Attorney Turnabout Collection featuring both The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles and Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy will be coming soon to Windows PC (via Steam), Nintendo Switch, and PlayStation 4.

The game was previously leaked via the Capcom leaks, along with the localized name of Herlock Sholmes, an “auto mode,” and the aforementioned collection.

The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles launches July 27th on Windows PC (via Steam), Nintendo Switch, and PlayStation 4.

Image: The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles official website.



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