The End of an Era – The Wii says Goodbye


Nintendo themselves, various japanese blogs, and Gematsu among others are reporting that Nintendo will soon end production of the Wii console.

For all the flak the Wii has taken recently for it’s lack of a gaming library and poor graphics, you really have to transport yourself back to 2007 to really get an understanding for just how revolutionary and successful this console truly was.  I have personally never experienced anything like the Wii hype during 2007 into 2008 and I don’t think we will ever see anything like it ever again in the console industry.

It was a short lived success and you can almost call it a flash in the pan, but it was the brightest flash you will never see.

Stay tuned as I would love to do a Wii retrospective if time permits.  Sound off on your Wii memories below.