The Economic Boom is Now Available in Kerbal Space Program

kerbal space program 10-11-14-1

Kerbal Space Program has recently gotten a sizable update.

Dubbed the “Economic Boom” update, the new patch brings with it a whole host of new content for the tongue-in-cheek space simulator. Some of the most notable enhancements include building destruction via rockets, which inevitably costs the player money to repair in Career Mode.

You can even force lower prices on rocket parts or hire unpaid interns to further your science milestones, but at the cost of Reputation. You can even sacrifice your science to regain your lost Reputation, so it’s not entirely a bad thing to go one way or another.

The last bit of notable additions is the Administration building being added to the game, which lets you manage three currencies: Funds, as well as the aforementioned Science and Reputation.

Kerbal Space Program is currently in Early Access, via Steam.



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