The Debut Trailer for Key’s 15th Anniversary VN, Harmonia

Key is the visual novel developer behind the exceedingly popular Clannad franchise, and the upcoming Angel Beats! VNs, among many other titles. It’s celebrating its 15th anniversary with a new game, Harmonia, for which it has released the debut trailer. You can watch the video above.

Harmonia will take place in a ruined world where natural and artificial humans—robots with fake memories, known as “Firoids”—live together. The protagonist, Rei, is one of these Firoids, and he activates without emotional programming. He wanders away from his facility, and begins to change when he meets two girls, Shiona and Tipi.

Kai is planning the game, Itaru Hinoue will be responsible for the art, and Shinji Orito will score the music. Harmonia‘s opening theme song is “Todoketai Melody” by Ayaka Kitazawa, and the ending theme song is “Towa no Hoshi e” by Haruka Shimotsuki.

Harmonia will be coming to Windows PCs in Japan some time in 2015.

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