The Debut Trailer for Curses ‘N Chaos is Filled with Demons, Ghosts, and Brawling


Tribute Games have finally revealed Curses ‘N Chaos, and the game is joyfully pixelated as expected. Featured above, you can get a sense of what the game is all about, i.e. multiple players fighting off waves of demons, ghosts, skeletons, and racking up lots of points.

In Curses ‘N Chaos, the main goal for players is the aforementioned fighting off of baddies throughout various waves, and they can overwhelm you from either side of the screen. The ultimate goal of the game is to break the curse put upon the protagonists, as that curse is the very same reason why all these monsters are coming to get you. You can purchase items and even craft potions with the in game alchemist, a guide who can help you eventually create powerful potions that may aid you in taking down the big, bad, final boss.

The game was playable at PAX East last weekend, and it’s coming later this year across both Playstation Vita and PC, alongside Ninja Senki DX and Mercenary Kings, the latter of which were both already available on PC.



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