The Day Before was a failure of leadership

The Day Before is delayed to 2023

According to a recent documentary from German YouTube channel Game Two, The Day Before development was even more troubling than initially thought.

Fntastic, the studio behind The Day Before had experienced minor success with Prop Night, a game which combined Dead by Daylight style gameplay with Prophunt mechanics. In a bid to further emulate popular games, it appears The Day Before was constantly changing its focus and genre at the whim of Fntastic founders the Gotovtsev brothers.

The team at Fntastic was reportedly told: “do like they do” in order to capture the success of rival games. The idea of The Day Before constantly jumped from taking inspiration from The Last of Us, to Red Dead Redemption, to The Division, and that last one is important because the developers were barely aware that the game was meant to be an MMO until it was well into development.

You can check out the documentary for yourself below.

Of course fans were already wary of the game even before it came out. Fntastic was battling what it called “disinformation” from outlets and fans during the game’s development.

Ultimately, The Day Before was the final nail in the coffin for Fntastic who rushed out the game as an Early Access title before shuttering the company and disappearing entirely.



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