The Controversy Paid Off – Dragon’s Crown Sells Over 940,000 Units

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Vanillaware has announced that Dragon’s Crown has sold over 940,000 units worldwide. Congratulations are in order for the team, and creator/mastermind George Kamitani.

The game’s western release and development were mired with loads of agenda pushers who said stupid things like how the sorceress’ face represents “lolicon imagery,” or that artwork in the game had been designed by a “teenage boy,” and so on.

Most of the western press generally just took carte blanche at the game because of its clearly exaggerated and not-meant-to-be-taken-seriously artwork. Due to the language barrier between Kamitani and crew and the general no-stance from localization studio Atlus, it even managed to get bad reviews simply because of the artwork.

Despite this, it has sold near a million units, which is an incredible feat for as obscure of a game as it is.

Vanillaware also confirmed that the fourth downloadable expansion pack for Muramasa Rebirth is coming soon.

Have you guys played Dragon’s Crown? If so, did the artwork truly make you feel uncomfortable?

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