The Combat in the Final Fantasy VII Remake is in the Trial-and-Error Stage

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This week’s Famitsu (via Hachima Kikou) has revealed a very interesting tidbit regarding the development of the Final Fantasy VII Remake on Playstation 4.

The news comes via an interview between producer Yoshinori Kitase. “We’re beginning to see a direction on the visuals,” said Kitase. “However, we’re also working on the battle system, among others, via trial-and-error.”

“There’s a chance the command battle system from old might not work now, so we’re thinking of what direction to take it. When you normally do a remake, it tends to become something like an action RPG, so we’re considering how we can make something like Final Fantasy VIII, while also still having surprised players.”

Finally, Kitase seemed to finish with a plea to fans. “Please don’t question how far we are into development, and such. (laughs).”

Square Enix has not confirmed a release date for the Final Fantasy VII Remake.



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