The Citadel 2.0 Update Now Live; 4K Resolution, New Difficulty Modes, and More

The Citadel

Doekuramori have released the big 2.0 update for their gory retro-inspired FPS, The Citadel.

The 2.0 update adds a wide range of enhancements and upgrades. Some of these include controller support, 4k resolution options, an FOV slider, improved AI, new difficulty modifiers, an improved UI, and new effects like bullet and blood decals. There are some new mechanics too, like additional melee attack options and throwing back enemy grenades. You can read more about the update here.

The update also introduces a new optional no gore mode. That aspect of the game that caused some controversy when it was first released, leaning to harassment of the game’s developer Doekuramori.

Top Hat Studios explained how after a “critical” video review of the game on YouTube, some began to take that reviewer’s opinion as fact; and sent abusive messages to the developer that included “characterising [sic] him as a dangerous individual” and a pervert. Enemies can leave body parts (also known as “gibs”) of what appear to be human women in an anime art-style.

This was firmly rejected by Doekuramori, explaining it was “a homage to retro ultra-violent classic shooters made by a Japanese individual interpreting it through Japanese-style art that he draws as a Japanese artist.” Top Hat Studios further stated that asking a Japanese artist to make his artstyle “western” to avoid his work being mistaken for “fetish porn” was highly insulting.

In case you missed it, we interviewed Doekuramori about the game, the enemies’ design and lore, the harassment, and the best way for western supporters and consumers to make their voices heard above those who only intend to force change or harass. You can find that interview here.

You can find a rundown of the game (via Steam) below:

Go forth, Martyr;
For you are the finest among the Battlesisters;
Go forth, and


Descent into the depth of The Citadel
THE CITADEL is a hardcore, brutal old-school shooter full of action that’s a throwback to the 90’s classics that we all love.
Fight through 6 Episodes of 30 action packed levels (and an additional 6 secret levels). Face off against 6 fearsome bosses.
Carry 14 different types of weapons, with obliterating secondary fire functions. Make the world tremble with 3 types of single-use special weapons.

・Unlimited Continues.
・You can continue trying until you break. Hub areas serve as respite if you find the episode to be too difficult.
・Completely skill based: no cheap Hitscanner, all projectiles. You live as good as you dodge.
・Huge enemy variety and diversity. From axe throwing cultists, to suicide drones, to mecha tanks, and flamethrower troopers.

Kick the Opponent into Lava!
・Light-weight enemies can be kicked and stunned. Get your positioning right, and you can also make them fall into a bottomless pit or lava.

Upgradable Weapons
・Some weapons can be upgraded or switched to superior versions.

・Enemies explode into chunks of meat or metals when they die. Ouch!

Optional Features: Leaning and Weapon Jam
The Citadel contains numerous optional features for added replayability and difficulty.
・Leaning can be enabled in a option menu. Dodging is not the only way to avoid the enemy fire.
・Weapon condition features can be enabled in a option menu.
・Automatic weapons can be jammed in the middle of a battle, and they will be eventually broken.

The Citadel is available on Windows PC via Steam.

Image: Steam

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