The Camelot GameStop Chronicles Part 4: Accusations of Sexual Harassment


A YouTuber by the name of Camelot331 has been covering accusations of immoral and illegal activities conducted by GameStop employees and corporate staff for over a year. This article is not his story.

Our prior articles discussed Camelot’s first video (detailing many suspicious activities he allegedly saw when working at GameStop), and the accusations made by others who came forward [1, 2].

These included mistreating and defrauding customers, mistreating staff, firing staff under false or dubious pretenses, poor business decisions, and attempting to maximize profit by any means before liquidating the company or senior corporate management leaving after achieving all the profit they could.

Camelot continued to produce videos, fueled by current and former GameStop staff providing him information on their own experiences [1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36, 37, 38, 39, 40].

Due to the sheer number of accusations, we will be categorizing the allegations based on their nature. Some of these allegations do fit into multiple categories, some that will be featured in later articles.

This article will focus on accusations of sexual assault made by both male and female staff working at GameStop stores who reached out to Camelot, and one ongoing incident Camelot allegedly witnessed first hand.


Camelot’s Store Manager “Egg”

One particular member of staff, Camelot’s former Store Manager (dubbed “Egg” by Camelot in his videos), had so many allegations that filled numerous categories we present them all here. The most egregious allegations were that of a sexual nature.

Egg remained employed with GameStop for thirteen years, and only eventually fired for time-card fraud. Camelot claims Egg was “untouchable” for so long due to Store Manager turn-over negatively affecting the District Manager’s and Regional Director’s bonuses, in addition to that store performing well.

These allegations include:

  • When GameStop were accepting trade-ins for the Xbox 360, Egg would offer $30 to $40 for them (especially to those who appeared more desperate for money). The console was then not registered in the inventory, and he would sell the console for $150 (cheaper than the typical $199 at the time) and keep the money for himself. Camelot saw this two to three times a day for “years” (sometimes five times a day). Camelot later implies Egg did this with other products. When GameStop investigated this (with the District and Regional Managers visiting the store and questioning employees), nothing came of it.
  • An employee was having sex with prostitutes in the bathroom, while Egg was watching. When Human Resources discovered this, all security tapes were confiscated, but no one was fired.
  • Egg added warranties on games and consoles on customer’s transactions, without their knowledge or consent.
  • During the midnight release of Halo: Reach at the store Camelot was running, Egg (his then former Store Manager) visited with his staff- while he was drinking and “popping pills.” He had apparently locked his store, despite the midnight release. When Camelot called the District Manager, his initial anger seemed to dissipate after speaking to Egg, and nothing was done. After Egg lost the tournament to Camelot by one kill (despite poaching his team-mate) he lost his temper, and was on the verge of “flipping the table.”
  • Passed out intoxicated one time at work, and did not help any customers for the entire day.

Camelot also claimed that Egg would only hire “his shady friends,” and women he found attractive. In one video, Camelot makes the the allegation that Egg had sexual assaulted, harassed, blackmailed, stalked, and distributed explicit photos of a 16 year old girl on multiple occasions.

Egg (who was in his “late 30s” at the time) would allegedly schedule one particular girl to only work with him, and no other Manager. Six months later, she claimed to Camelot that Egg had made inappropriate comments and actions every day. These included commenting on her outfit, her “assets,” and encouraging her to wear more revealing clothes.

Allegedly, he would also intentionally throw objects on the floor for her to pick up (something Camelot saw first hand), and would “rhythmically grunt” while she did so. He would also allegedly come up from behind and hug her while she was against the counter (preventing her from walking away).

She did not report him due to fear of her losing her job, and wanting to eventually be a Store Manager as her dream job. When this was brought to the attention of the District Manager with others who confirmed her story, he seemed outraged.

However, one of Egg’s colleagues revealed to Camelot that the District Manager and Egg allegedly laughed about the matter during a phone meeting. The District Manager even allegedly called Egg “a playah.” He then asked Egg to “not to make it obvious any more.”

After this the matter only escalated, with Egg allegedly “touching her,” and demanding her to send pictures to him. He allegedly told her “The DM doesn’t care, as long as we rank well.” The girl did send him pictures (which were allegedly put online by him), and did “everything she could to keep her job.” Egg would allegedly boast to his friends that she was “his slave.” 

Eventually the Regional Director was contacted. In response, he asked the District Manger to transfer the woman to the neighboring store. Egg allegedly continued to contact her, demanding more pictures or threatening to share what pictures he had with “everybody he knew.” She quit six months later.

The District Manager allegedly later asked Camelot if he still “hung out” with that woman, and subtly inquired if he had been in a sexual relationship with her. He allegedly stated she was “super hot” and beautiful.


Other Employee Allegations of Sexual Assault and Harassment

After that video, others reached out to Camelot and shared their allegations of other senior staff who had abused them in a similar manner, or allowed such abuse to happen.

  • In March 2019, one woman’s Store Manager would allegedly follow her home to “make sure she was safe.” He allegedly would also say “out of the way things,” and asked her to come to his home. When she was cornered in a room, he allegedly grabbed her, and tried to kiss her. After he was pushed away, he said he would offer her the Third Key position if she “played along.” She then ran out, and contacted HeroLine the next day. She was then contacted by her District Manager asking for her version of events. After the District Manager spoke to the Store Manager, he called her, stating she was going to be kept off schedule until he sorted the situation. After a month she received no reply, and attempts to contact the District Manager resulted in no reply (“he kept sending it to voicemail”). When she contacted the store, the Store Manager answered, and allegedly said he “thought she got fired for harassment.” She has been continuing to pursue legal action.
  • A group of “young guys” asked one woman when she got off work. She replied she did not know. After this, one of them stood behind the counter with her for two hours. The Store Manager asked if everything was OK to the man, who “would gesture to her and say he had found everything he needed.” Despite her asking the Manager to make him leave, he stated he could not. When she spoke to the District Manager about it, he allegedly said he could not make him leave as it “would hurt future sales from him.”
  • A male employee explained to Camelot how his female Store Manager would allegedly call him “hot” or “sexy” every single day, as well as slapping him on the buttocks, and saying outrageous things. She allegedly did this to every male Store Associate. She also allegedly sent a “gross” picture to him, and stated she did not mean to. When he told his District Manager, he allegedly told him to “grow up.” He contacted Human Resources twice anonymously, but nothing came of it.
  • One woman worked in a store that in a “small town” with two bars. The store itself had six employees, four of them being women (including Store Manager, and Assistant Store Manager). They allegedly endured numerous drunken catcalls, and explicit questions. Customers would allegedly take pictures of the Store Manager, and Assistant Store Manager when they bent down to pick things up. The woman who submitted the story to Camelot also stated customers would allegedly try to take pictures under her skirt. In addition, allegedly three sex offenders would come to the store once or twice a week. One who had abused young girls would regularly ask to chat to the Assistant Store Manager. One time both of them were alone, he allegedly tried to grab her out of view of the cameras. She said she would call the cops and he left, but he would still continue to return “occasionally.” The customers were allegedly not banned by senior staff.
  • A former Store Manager (then Games Advisor) had allegedly been sent unsolicited dick pictures from a then Senior Games Advisor. Due to his popularity among other staff, and her being new, she did not feel she would be believed.
  • An employee had a new District Manager around late January 2020, who had fired half of the Store Managers (who were tenured) in their district over poor performance. He would go into that employee’s store, and allegedly make inappropriate comments (such as “[telling] me how beautiful I was and how he would treat me like a princess if I were his wife”). That District Manager was married. He would later allegedly “hug [her] really tight and not let [her] go” while running his hand down her back when she arrived and left her store. Later he allegedly asked her to come to his house while his wife was out of the state. The employee declined. He later allegedly called her at 1 a.m. in a drunken state, asking her to come to his house again. She hung up on him. A few days later, the District Manager called her and allegedly said “You made a huge mistake.” After this, he allegedly became extremely hateful to her. A week prior to her contacting Camelot, the District Manager allegedly wrote her up for “barely missing tech trade quotes,” and that week for missing Power-Up Pro reward goals (despite being number one in tech trades in both weeks). If the employee is written up again, they would be fired.


Former Human Resources Employee:

In one video on February 6th, 2020, an allegedly former employee of GameStop’s Human Resources department reached out to Camelot.

While Camelot had proposed that Human Resources across most large companies were to protect the company and senior staff from serious allegations (and not employees overall), the source claimed it was true in GameStop’s case.

“We terminate associates that complain that they have received some sort harassment or other issues. Because they are easy to replace compared to a store manager or district manager.

It almost never results in a lawsuit so Gamestop sees it as no harm no foul.”

The former employee continues, claiming that they were trained to tell Associates that they were safe and could talk to them- in order to make them admit to any wrongdoings. Camelot agreed this matched his experiences with Human Resources when working at GameStop.

The former employee also claimed “We also investigate their time card and things like that so we can terminate them with cause.” This would explain our prior articles, where accusations of time-card fraud seemed to be the most common reason for employees to be fired.

This is stated to be easier than addressing the Store or District Managers, and paying to “move another associate up and pay to train them.”

The former employee alleges that in one incident where they say a part-time Associate being groped by a Store Manager- and seen on camera- that the Associate was fired the next day for using her discount for her brother-in-law.

Sharing the discount with family was “technically not allowed,” but “allowed most of the time and no one would care usually.”

This was in spite of the employee calling the Human Resources hotline in tears (talking to the former employee). While they threatened to sue, they never did.

If true, it seemed that GameStop’s Human Resources is designed to find reasons to fire employees and protect any staff at the District Manager level or higher.


As the seriousness of the allegations escalated, GameStop were not passive. They and individual employees took actions against Camelot, and even their own employees they thought were giving him information. Join us next time for our final part: The Camelot GameStop Chronicles Part 5: GameStop Strikes Back.

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