The Bloodskin Dragon from Crimson Dragon is Pretty Wicked

crimson dragon bloodskin dragon ss 1

PlayXBLA has detailed one of the potential dragons you can ride in Crimson Dragon, Grounding and Microsoft’s upcoming Xbox One launch title.

The ultimate generalist, Bloodskin dragons can be found throughout the wilds of Draco. No other variety of dragon is spread so widely across the unforgiving regions of the planet. Their adaptability has allowed the Bloodskins to thrive in even the most inhospitable environments found on Draco, from the magma lakes near the planet’s core, to the snowy heights of Draco’s tallest mountain peaks.

While the members of Icarus Division each have their own favorite dragon species, all agree that the Bloodskin’s natural versatility make it the perfect mount for new recruits in the field.

So I know what dragon I’ll be rocking whenever I finally get my hands on Crimson Dragon – the Bloodskin sounds like a great all around fighter.

In total there are six different types of dragons to ride in Crimson Dragon, although the Bloodskin is the only one we know of so far.

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