The Anime-fused Shmup A City Sleeps is Revealed by Harmonix

Remember that wonderful new musical shooter by Harmonix named Chroma? With that game quietly put onto the shelf for some massive retooling, several key members of the Chroma team have moved on to work on a new project.

a city sleeps 08-28-14-3

Featured above, you can view the newly revealed game dubbed A City Sleeps, which is basically a twin stick shooter infused with anime styled visuals. Think of it as Geometry Wars, only with might be possibly even prettier visuals.

Harmonix involves a girl named Poe, the last in a long line of “Silkworms”, people who are able to manipulate and enter the dreams of the sleeping denizens who have demons plaguing their dreams. The people of SanLo city have all fallen into a deep slumber, and coming from this – Poe is their only savior.

a city sleeps 08-28-14-2

If you’re at PAX Prime this weekend, you’ll be able to play A City Sleeps. The game is launching on October 16th, via Steam.

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