The Amazing Digital Circus episode 2 out now, passes 1 million views

The Amazing Digital Circus Episode 2

The Amazing Digital Circus episode 2 is available to watch now on YouTube! It even managed to break 1 million views in less than an hour.

Episode 2 “Candy Carrier Chaos!” takes off where the pilot episode ended, with our favorite girlfailure Pomni sleeping off an intense existential crisis after being trapped in an AI’s sandbox.

The Amazing Digital Circus is the latest animated series from Glitch Productions, an indie studio whose other work includes Murder Drones and more.

You can check out the second episode here.

The pilot episode premiered back in October and passed 100 million views in less than a month, at the time of writing it’s reached over 300 million.

The series features popular indie voice actors such as:

  • Alex Rochon as Caine
  • Michael Kovach as Jax
  • Lizzie Freeman as Pomni
  • Sean Chiplock as Kinger
  • Amanda Hufford as Ragatha
  • Marissa Lenti as Gangle
  • Ashley Nichols as Zooble
  • and show creator Gooseworx as Bubble


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