The Abyss 4K remaster is now available digitally

The Abyss 4K

James Cameron’s legendary underwater sci-fi film The Abyss is finally available on digital platforms after its depressingly brief theatrical re-run.

Originally released back in 1989 and finally meticulously remastered under the direct supervision of Cameron himself, The Abyss is now available in 4K ultra high-definition on various digital platforms like Prime Video, Vudu and Movies Everywhere.

A price is set at $19.99, and the film was also upgraded with full Dolby Vision HDR and sports an excellent Dolby Atmos audio mix, making it truly the definitive way to watch the cult classic.

It’s worth pointing out this is the theatrical version, there is no digital 4K release for the Special Edition as that seemingly will be exclusive to the disc release coming next year.

Here’s a teaser trailer for its recent theatrical re-run:

Diehard fans of the cult classic film will be overjoyed with the 4K remaster alone, but the digital release also includes all of the bonus content that will be included in its disc release, including brand new bonus features.

The brand new bonus features include the “Deep Dive” interview and conversation with Cameron as he talks up the film, its production, and more – as well as “The Legacy of the Abyss”, a mini documentary exploring stories around the film, its production, and its legacy.

The Abyss stars Ed Harris alongside Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio and Michael Biehn, and follows a science fiction story in which a US submarine encounters an unidentified submerged object, only to tragically get sunk.

To recover the vessel, US Navy SEALs are sent to a privately owned drilling platform as a base during their mission. Dr. Lindsey Brigman (Mastrantonio) insists on accompanying the SEALs while her estranged husband Virgil “Bud” Brigman (Harris) is against it. Mystery and adventure ensue, and in the Special Edition version of the film they even end up saving the world.

If you’re looking to get a disc version of The Abyss in 4K, you’ll have to wait a little longer as they won’t ship until March 12th, 2024. Expect our thorough review on The Abyss in 4K shortly.

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