The Abyss 4K cancelled in UK due to “the rat scene”

The Abyss 4K

This month has seen a big catalog of 4K releases, a number of which are James Cameron films finally remastered. One such release, The Abyss, is not coming to the UK due to a controversial scene.

The UK release of the beloved sci-fi classic in 4K was cancelled due to “the rat scene.” UK censors wanted the scene cut from the 4K remaster. If you’re looking to get The Abyss in 4K and live in the UK, you’ll have to import it.

Disney was reportedly (via The Digital Bits) willing to cut the scene (who is distributing the physical discs of the remasters), however, Cameron’s Lightstorm Entertainment refused to cut the scene.

For those who haven’t seen the film yet, spoiler warning but the scene in question appeared in the original 1989 film and has one of the characters submerging a live rat in special liquid, a liquid that lets you breathe underwater, forcing the rat to breathe the liquid.

The Abyss is available now in 4K on streaming platforms, however the physical release isn’t coming until March 12th, 2024. It’s joined by other Cameron classics, all finally in 4K, including Aliens and True Lies.

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