The 404 Page on Platinum Games’ Website Has a Game Where You Fight as 8-bit Bayonetta

bayonetta 2 02-02-15-1

Platinum Games have a little nugget of fun on their website that has been frustrating lots of fans.

You’re probably wondering how something can be frustrating and yet fun – it turns out that any 404 redirect on their website now features an 8-bit game with the titular witch, Bayonetta.

The mini-game is reportedly called Angel Land, and it lets you play as a stationary Bayonetta that can only jump (twice, in fact) and shoot, as hordes of angels come at her.

For those who are unaware of what a 404 is – its usual purpose is to greet users who try browsing to non-existence URLs on websites, typically with a message like “sorry, that doesn’t exist.”

This leads to lots of trolling possibilities, giving someone an URL like, only to have it redirect to the challenging mini-game.

What’s your high score?

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