That Other Atlus Teaser Might Be for a Persona 4 Sequel

atlus persona teaser

Atlus is on a roll with their teasers lately, between having babies and now teasing something with Persona 4, I dunno what to do with myself. Really, this kind of stuff throws me for a loop. Anyway, previously Atlus launched a teaser site that had something to do with Persona, but we had nothing more to go off of than the countdown timer.

Now, that teaser site has been updated to have alternating images of Teddy from Persona 4. Here’s where things get even more interesting, the English voice actress behind Nanako Dojima, Karen Strassman, listed “Persona 4 Vol 2” on her online resume. Scroll down and check it before it’s taken down/altered!

What most of us thought would be Persona 5, could actually be a direct sequel to Persona 4? This could be huge, as Persona 4 is one of the highest rated games of all time, naturally a sequel would make lots of fans happy. We’ll keep you guys posted.

Sources: Robert Boyd of Zeboyd Games, Neogaf.

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