That IBM-Powered Sword Art Online MMORPG Isn’t Real

We’ve learned (via The Verge, Road to VR) that IBM’s headline-making Sword Art Online MMORPG collaboration isn’t what everyone thought it was.

Instead, the project is simply a 20-minute marketing demo to showcase IBM Watson’s prowess (and the other cloud-based things they have under the hood), as well as the still popular Sword Art Online franchise.

The reason why ourselves, as well as numerous other websites, reported on this as an actual MMORPG was because of IBM’s cleverly worded phrasing – throwing in all kinds of references to the actual Sword Art Online universe.

From March 18th to March 20th, IBM will hold an event for 208 players to experience the 20 minute “alpha” demo – however that will be the extent of their experience. You won’t be strapping on a headset and dialing into a virtual MMORPG, unfortunately.

We apologize to our fans for the confusion – please let this be a testament to our due diligence and our striving to be both prompt in coverage, as well as accurate.



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