Terraria is Out Now on Playstation Vita

terraria ps vita

The day when all of our productivity ends has finally arrived – Terraria is now available on Playstation Vita, meaning you can carry one of the most addicting sandbox games of recent memory on a dedicated gaming handheld.

Terraria is described as a 2D metroidvania sandbox, or just simply a 2D Minecraft, but it’s much more than that. The game has quite a lot of biomes and craft-able items, weapons and armor. The Playstation Vita version also comes with full touch support, or buttons and joysticks if you prefer a less hands on style.

The release on Playstation Vita comes with the 1.2 update that recently hit PC, which brings dozens of new items and recipes, two new armor sets, over twenty new enemies, some of which include new zombies, new demon eyes, and so on. The additions come alongside the enormous amount of content in the previous build, which spans some 200+ crafting recipes, over 25 terrain/block types, and over a hundred monsters.

Check out the launch trailer below:

Terraria is currently $14.99 on Playstation Vita, or $13.49 if you’re a Playstation Plus subscriber.

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