Terraria graphic novel series announced

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Terraria is a game beloved by many for it’s simple, yet deep gameplay and exploration leading to many new discoveries. It’s been supported by the developers for many years after its initial launch in 2011. Where the supposed “final” update with 1.4 ended up not being their last.

Now, developer Re-Logic announced that through a partnership with 50 Amp Production they will soon be releasing a graphic novel series based on the popular game. The announcement also confirms the first book in this series is already nearly finished.

They also shared a teaser in the form of cover art in the post. The artwork is considered to be a work-in-progress though, so it will likely not be what is attached to the finished project when it is finally released.

While the planning is still yet to be finished, the Terraria devs plan on having 4 issues for their first book of the series. The first entry will come out sometime in Q3 of this year, with the subsequent issues all the way through end of 2022. If this proves successful, then a second book would be launched in 2023.

As stated before, update 1.4 was planned on being their last major update for Terraria. However, afterwards the developers have continued to support the game, later earning the “Labor of Love” Steam award in 2021.

There is also a Google Stadia port of the game, where its development cycle was mired with issues when developer Re-Logic found its account disabled for no reason, prompting the game to be temporarily cancelled at one point in time.

Most recently, Terraria has been updated to support the Steam Deck, so now players of the game are able to play it on the go through that device.

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