Terra Battle is Coming to Consoles if Downloaded Enough


So, as strange as it is, Final Fantasy creator Hironobu Skakaguchi is launching his new mobile game, Terra Battle, in a strange way. The game will be free to download on play on mobile devices in Japan this coming October. However, downloading it has now become special on its own, even if you don’t play it.

You see, the game is going to run it’s course through a so-called “downloadstarter” campaign. Much like stretch goals in Kickstarter, Sakaguchi aims to hit goals for the game which will unlock additional content. However, instead of asking for money, Sakaguchi merely wants downloads. Of a free game.

This being the case, there is no reason the game shouldn’t hit all of the goals, and the last one is one heck of a goal, with one hell of a reward … Check it out:

  • 100,000 downloads – New musical compositions by Nobuo Uematsu will be added.
  • 200,000 downloads – New characters designed by Hideo Minaba will debut.
  • 300,000 downloads – Manga artist Nakaba Suzuki will be brought on board.
  • 1 million downloads – Terra Battle concert held.
  • 1.4 million downloads – The production of figures will be started.
  • 2 million downloads – (Handheld?) Console version development will be started.

In addition to this new information, a bit of the game has been detailed as well. Since it is free to play, the game will offer micropayments. Players can decide to buy additional “Energy” which can be spent on stamina recovery, extra continues, and used in the in-game gacha. In addition to that, it has been said that once players beat the 30-chapter-long story mode, they can continue to play and level up their characters while fighting powerful enemies.

As for the battles, they will take place on an eight-by-six stage. The objective is to rout your enemy, and during your turn, you have four seconds to move your characters freely around the board.



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