Terminator Zero anime reveals premiere date and more

Terminator Zero

Netflix has fully revealed their new anime called Terminator Zero, and as the name implies it’s set in the Terminator franchise.

The anime is a collaboration of Skydance Animation and Production I.G and will now stream worldwide in Netflix on August 29.

Masashi Kudo from Production I.G. serves as ad director, and Mattson Tomlin (Project PowerThe Batman II) will serve as executive producer and writer. David Ellison, Dana Goldberg, and Don Granger, all from Skydance, will also serve as executive producers.

The 8-episode anime will feature a different cast from the Terminator franchise. Netflix ordered the series way back in 2021, though it hasn’t been fully revealed till now.

The official synopsis is as follows:

2022: A future war has raged for decades between the few human survivors and an endless army of machines. 1997: The AI known as Skynet gained self-awareness and began its war against humanity.

Caught between the future and this past is a soldier sent back in time to change the fate of humanity. She arrives in 1997 to protect a scientist named Malcolm Lee who works to launch a new AI system designed to compete with Skynet’s impending attack on humanity. As Malcolm navigates the moral complexities of his creation, he is hunted by an unrelenting assassin from the future which forever alters the fate of his three children.

Originally, the rights holders for the franchise wanted to release a series of anime shorts in 2008 called Termination, but the series was never realized, and would have focused on Judgement Day where Skynet declares war on humanity.

Surprisingly the T-800 antagonist from Terminator has made a cameo in a Doraemon anime back in June 2009, almost the same month that Termination Salvation was released.

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