Dead Cells designer announces 80s anime martial arts roguelike action game Tenjutsu


Publisher Devolver Digital and developer Deepnight Games have announced Tenjutsu, a new roguelike action game with 80s anime vibes and a bad bitch protagonist.

Tenjutsu is in development for Windows PC (via Steam) and unspecified consoles, though a release date wasn’t announced.

Here’s a rundown on the game, plus its reveal trailer:

Tenjutsu is a gritty combat roguelike set within the confines of the densely packed yet vibrant Secret Garden City under the grip of four crime syndicates. Trapped in this purgatory, use your martial arts mastery and weapon expertise to wipe the slate clean for yourself and people of Secret Garden by dismantling each of the unique syndicates one at a time, in whatever order you wish.


  • BRUTAL & FLUID COMBAT SYSTEMS – Tenjutsu blends roguelike mechanics with intensely fast melee combat and demanding tactical precision. Wield the brutal brawling systems as if each encounter could be your last and master a diverse arsenal of weapons, upgrades, and techniques to break the crushing hold the syndicates come to maintain.
  • CHOOSE YOUR PATH TO CONQUEST – Carefully select the order you attack each of the four syndicates with each run, deciding which one to take by surprise with relative ease and which will have time to reinforce their ranks before you reach their doorstep. Gauge your preferred playstyle against each syndicates strengths to decide the optimal path through the opposition knowing your opponents grow stronger the longer you let their forces swell.
  • REPAIR AND REBUILD A BROKEN TOWN – As you obliterate each sinister organization, the city is reborn with shops and restaurants to spend collected resources while previously hidden shortcuts provide new paths for subsequent runs. Shaping the city to fit your playstyle is crucial to unlocking new weapons, combat moves, and areas to explore.

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