Temtem Starter Reveal Trailer

Humble Bundle have revealed the starters for Pokemon-style MMO Temtem (via Gamespot).

In the above video (and accompanying article on Gamespot) Crystle, Smazee, Houchic can be seen. A brief explanation on each (via Gamespot) can be found below:

  • Crystle: A lizard temtem that can conjure up crystal spikes to attack its enemies. Many of its abilities are defensive in-nature allowing it to absorb blows and dish them out in kind.
  • Smazee: A monkey-like temtem that specializes in using melee-strikes and offensive abilities. Smazee is the fastest starter choice, and it can quickly dish-out strikes against its foes.
  • Houchic: A fairy-like temtem that uses psychic attacks and mind-based abilities to confuse and weakens its foes. Houchic can use its psychic attacks to pierce through enemy defenses.

Rather than the typical Grass, Water, Fire trio you may expect, the above Temtems are Crystal, Melee, and Mental types.

Crystal types deal more damage to Electric and Mental types, Melee types deal more damage to Earth and Crystal types, and Mental types deal more damage to Neutral and Melee types. Curiously, a throw-away mention that Crystle can be caught in-game may indicate that all starters can be caught in-game.

The Gamespot article also details how the player’s trainer is customizable, and that the player will explore six floating islands in the Archipelago. The player will also have to fight off Clan Belsoto, and their attempts to take over the islands.

What do you think of the starters? Sound off in the comments below!

Temtem enters early access January 21st on Windows PC (via Steam). Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One releases are also planned.

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