Temtem gets new trailer showcasing its big 1.0 features


Temtem is a massively multiplayer monster collecting game, think Pokemon meets Final Fantasy XIV or another MMO.

The game has received a new trailer with quite a bit to show off ahead of its full release next month. Check out the trailer here:

Players will be able to explore a new series of locations as well as new monsters to collect.

1.0 comes with much more for you to explore including new arenas, a survival mode, as well as a battle gauntlet. Temtem is able to be played in singleplayer or you can pick up the game and play with a friend with a fully cooperative team battle experience.

Temtem has tried to scratch the itch for fans who love Pokémon but wish to have more of a social multiplayer experience.

Temtem has been available for Windows PC (via Steam and the Humble Store) and PS5 in early access and will hit full release on September 6th across PC, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, and PS5.

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