Tekken 8 ending makes fun of “cultural appropriation”

Tekken 8

Tekken 8 has been getting some attention from those who despise the west’s “influences” as a certain ending briefly brings up “cultural appropriation”.

Twitter users were sharing a screenshot from Lili and Azucena’s ending, which had the haughty Lili bringing up the western buzzword that is “cultural appropriation”:

However, a full look at the entire ending reveals that Lili called Azucena’s act of combining tea and coffee “cultural appropriation”, only for Azucena to knock down Lili’s perspective:

After Lili’s comment on “cultural appropriation,” Azucena rebukes her by saying “no need to be such a buzzkill.” The ending notes that the new beverage would then acquire “global acclaim”.

This doesn’t appear to be nonsense inserted by a localizer, as the English version of the game has each character speak in their native language, be it Spanish, English, or Japanese. Lili (hailing from Monaco) speaks in French, and as noted by another Twitter user, she can audibly be heard saying “appropriation culturelle”:

That being said, there’s a Reddit thread claiming the localization work for the game is not exactly “top quality”, though the examples provided seem rather minor.

Many naturally criticized the line because the insertion of such political nonsense, be it “feminism”, “cultural appropriation”, or “gender ideology”, is common in the west when Japanese games are “localized”, and it is usually done regardless of what the source material actually said.

Critics felt that even just mentioning “cultural appropriation” is still heinous, as they insisted they don’t want to be constantly reminded of annoying western developers and localizers who can’t stop bringing up these absurd fabricated concepts, which are made specifically to control how people act and speak.

Tekken 8 is set to launch on January 26th, 2024 for Windows PC (via Steam), Xbox Series X|S, and PlayStation 5.



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