Tejina Senpai mangaka harassed into deleting NTR art commission

The creator of the Tejina Senpai manga, Azu, recently released an illustration as per a commission, and its netorare theme caused the usual Internet degenerates to harass them.

For those unaware of its meaning, netorare is a Japanese term for a type of cheating where the cheater is forced and eventually likes/accepts it.

Tejina Senpai is a series about a high school girl who wants to pursue the art of magic, but is often very clumsy. The manga has since concluded and there has also been an anime adaptation.

The Tejina Senpai mangaka Azu has a SKEB account, which allows subscribers to request certain illustrations from the artist for money.

Azu recently completed a netorare-themed image featuring the main heroine of Tejina Senpai. The artist uploaded the image to their Fanbox account as well.

The idea of Tejina making the semen of other men “disappear” apparently upset individuals unable to differentiate reality from fiction, as Azu was apparently harassed over this artwork:

A Twitter user keeping track of events noted that after the mangaka drew the commission, a random individual vandalized the Wikipedia page for Tejina Senpai:

Azu deleted their Twitter account after this, and it was learned that they only deleted the commission, not their Fanbox account:

It is uncertain whether this was before or after the incident, but Azu’s Pixiv Fanbox account has the description of: “I also draw harsh stuff so only join if you approve of everything please”.

Such vitriol over harmless images seems to be an issue in both hemispheres, as there are plenty of Westerners who react just as childishly and violently over NTR and loli art.

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