Team Sonic Racing adds Silver, Blaze, and Vector

Sega has announced a new team of playable characters for Team Sonic Racing.

The team is made up of Silver the Hedgehog (first appearing in Sonic the Hedgehog in 2006), Blaze the Cat (Sonic Rush), and Vector the Crocodile (Knuckles’ Chaotix).

While the first two worked together in Sonic ’06, Vector typically hangs out with “Team Chaotix” (with Espio the Chameleon and Charmy the Bee), at least in past games like Sonic Heroes.

Team Sonic Racing is launching across Windows PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Switch sometime this winter. In case you missed it, you can read our E3 hands-on preview here.



Ryan was a former Niche Gamer contributor.

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