Tannenberg and Verdun Get Cross-Play Support on PS4 and Xbox One


M2H have announced that their WWI multiplayer shooters, Verdun and Tannenberg, have received cross-platform support on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

This update allows console players to fight each other in the trenches of WWI, regardless of platform. However, this cross-platform support does not include Steam. This is due to differences in game versions, as well as the fact that the console versions cap at 40 players, while the PC version can go up to 64.

To celebrate this new patch, both games are also having a free weekend on consoles. PlayStation 4 and Xbox One gamers can try both games out for free until December 13th, as well as take advantage of a 50% off discount.

Both Verdun and Tannenberg strive for realistic WW1 warfare- with authentic weapons and battlefields across Europe. While Verdun shows the horrors of trench warfare of the western front, Tannenberg shows the eastern fronts wider battlefields, weather, and gas weapons.

Verdun and Tannenberg are both available on Windows PC, Linux, and Mac via Steam [1, 2], as well as PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. If you missed it, you can find our review of Tannenberg here (we recommend it!).

Image: Steam

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