Tangiers – A Surreal Stealth Noir Game That Must Be Seen

Tangiers SS 1

Tangiers, a very promising and absolutely stunning looking indie game by Alex Harvey, is roughly four days away from having its kickstarter campaign finish.

The game is described as a “dark, surreal game, a love letter to the avant garde of the 20th century”, to me it kind of looks like the insides of an insane person’s head.

Anyway, that’s certainly what I’m getting from the downright unique looking visuals:

Seriously, the style, music and themes just pop so much, I think it really looks like it can be an unforgettable experience.

Nothing is what it seems in Tangiers, and the solitary experience is definitely set to not only blow your mind but probably make you want to kill yourself – in a good way you know?

If funded, the game will come to PC, Linux and Mac next year. I really hope this game gets backed because of how exciting looking and unique it is, the kickstarter is very close to being funded so if you guys are interested, please consider supporting awesome games like this.



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