Aniplex announces new visual novel Tanetsumi no Uta

Tanetsumi no Uta

Publisher ANIPLEX.EXE and developer iMel Inc. have announced Tanetsumi no Uta, a new visual novel by Kazuki of STUDIO HOMMAGE.

Tanetsumi no Uta (Tanetsumi’s song) is launching sometime later this year for PC and will support Japanese, English, and Chinese languages.

Here’s a rundown on the new game, plus its reveal trailer:

Misuzu lost her mother when she was young.

In the spring of 2023, a girl visits Misuzu on his 16th birthday. It was my 16-year-old mother, Yoko.

The “Tanetsumi Ceremony” is held in the “Land of Eternal Life” where the gods live. Yoko, who was chosen as the shrine maiden, tells Misuzu that she has been here since 1996 in order to invite her as a companion on her journey. The Tanetsumi ritual is the funeral of the gods, which is necessary for the generational change of immortal gods into a new era. The “Tanetsumi Shrine Maiden” travels around the land of the eternal world and must convince the chiefs of the old gods to accept death before the “true winter” that brings impurity to the earth arrives.

Invited by Yoko, Misuzu travels to the year 2050, and Misuzu’s 16-year-old daughter, Tsumugi, joins her companions, and they head to the land of everlasting life.

Together with Hiruko, who introduces himself as Misuzu’s younger brother, who appears as a pilot, the four of them travel through poetic countries that are approaching the beginning of winter.

A girl and a boy who transcend time and come together like a miracle. What is the outcome they will reach at the end of their journey?

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