Tales of Xillia 2: Elle & Ludger Get English Character Videos

With the release of Xillia’s sequel a little over a month away, the trickle of footage for the hotly anticipated JRPG sequel is turning into a full on deluge with two new character “focus” videos showing off the english voice acting for main heroes Ludger and Elle.

Elle’s voice actress: Brina Palencia

Our heroine, Elle Mel Mata (romanization official) with a height of 130cm, is practically the youngest Tales heroine in the history of the series, and is also the second non-playable heroine after Claire Bennett from Tales of Rebirth. That’s right – Elle’s an NPC heroine. Like we reported before, Elle is on a journey towards the Land of Canaan, where legends say that wishes can be granted, and she’s doing this in order to keep her father’s orders. Along the way, she meets Ludger in Trigraph and they promise to travel to Canaan together. Though she originally has a spoiled and shy personality, she’s willing to go all out to save her father. She carries around with her a pocket watch which she inherited from her father.

Ludger’s voice actor: Josh Grelle

Our hero, Ludger Will Kresnik (romanization official) with a height of 170cm, is a normal young man living in the city of Trigraph together with his older brother. His brother is always busy with his own work, so he’s mostly in charge of the housework and as well as taking care of the pet cat Lulu. His brother always seems to like his cooking and finishes up everything he makes that in time, Ludger managed to be able to cook a diverse variety of dishes. His cooking skills are something to be considered. Ever since he failed getting a job in the Clanspia Company that he’s always longed to work under, he has been living in Trigraph and working in the train station’s restaurants. On one of his days to work, he gets involved in some incident with a little girl he doesn’t know (Elle) in front of his workplace. Ludger is a man burdened with both a huge financial debt as well as the fate of the world.

Talesof Xillia 2 is due out on August 19th and is is getting a collectible guide identical to the beautiful one Ni No Kuni had, so if you haven’t pre-ordered, now would be a great time to do so!

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