Tales of Link Revealed for Smartphones

Tales of Symphonia Chronicles SS 1

Remember how Namco is trademarking tons of names for potential Tales games? Well, they’ve announced a new Tales game – the only problem is it’s probably not what you were waiting for.

Tales of Link is a new tales game set for both iOS and Droid – and it’s a completely new Tales game. Details are scant, but Jump has revealed the first four playable characters:


A new adventurer who left her home to go out on – an adventure. Sara and Rippi are both on a journey to find the Messiah. She wears extravagant clothes and bloomers.


Rippi is a fairy sent by her master Leone to recover the “Seed of Disaster”. She works for the Messiah, who has the ability to purify the seed. She also is followed by a hairy Mormo that walks on all fours and carries a smartphone around its neck.


Shiza is a swordsman who the Messiah meets along the way. He is coming to terms with the feelings of ascertaining power. He wields multiple swords, namely a great sword on his back, three regular katana on his hips and two kodachi.


Leone is a goddess who escaped her godly troubles only to remove the seal to the Seed of Calamity. Preventing the seeds from blooming keeps her from being able to move. She gives some of her power to Rippi, whom she is entrusting with the responsibility of recovering the Seed of Calamity.

Tales of Link is coming this fall in Japan.

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