Touhou shooter/action game Takkoman: Kouzatsu World is now on Steam

Takkoman: Kouzatsu World

Publisher Playism and developer illuCalab announced Takkoman: Kouzatsu World is now on Steam.

While Takkoman: Kouzatsu World is now on Steam, the game was available via the Playism Store since 2012 in Japan (which they closed since).

Here’s a previous trailer for the Steam release:

Here’s a rundown on the game:

This title is a derivative work based on the Touhou Project, developed by the two-person dojin circle known as illuCalab. – known for games such as GENSOU Skydrift and A Magical High School Girl.

Interweaving the vibe and worldview of the Touhou Project series with the chaotic sensibilities of the old-school internet, Takkoman brings its A-game when it comes to crazy and stylish 2D bullet hell action.


A world of bounty and order–Gensokyo. A world of ruin and chaos–Kouzatsukyo.

A great calamity evoked by an unknown being, which spun these opposite worlds together.

Within this destroyed world, a single girl awakens, Her name was Takorin.

Game System

Takkoman is an epic side-scroller overflowing with action elements. Defeat the mini and main bosses in each stage. Show them who’s the real boss!

Take down all enemies that stand before you! Gracefully sidestep waves of enemy fire! Strike fear into the bad guys with a rich variety of attacks!

Magic gauge filled up? Well, it is time to show off your special attack! Boost your score by being the flashiest you you can be!

Actions and Attacks

Takorin is a girl capable of all sorts of crazy actions and attacks.

Long range shots for enemies far away? Check. A two-stage charge attack? Check. A powerful kick for enemies nearby? Check. Master more than ten different skills using the directional keys!

Additionally, Takorin can dodge around enemy attacks while dashing! Not to mention her ability to dash up to twice in mid-air!

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