Take-Two CEO says mid-generation upgrades like rumored PS5 Pro aren’t meaningful

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Just as there has been many rumors about the upcoming Nintendo Switch successor and it’s possible power-up, there have been plenty of rumors about the PS5 Pro and mid-gen upgrade to the Xbox Series lineup of current gen consoles swirling around the internet.

Many have been wondering how these potential new consoles might change up the gaming sphere from how much power they can output and therefore what limitations they may have on games graphically speaking, however there is one that doesn’t view them as important.

This being Strauss Zelnick, Take-Two’s CEO, speaking to IGN on the matter. “Generally speaking, the mid-generation upgrades haven’t really changed much,” He said to them. Though he did the need of such upgrades ” all depends on what that mid-generation upgrade would look like.”

From a publisher standpoint, he states they don’t change the way they think of making or selling games. Which does make sense for someone in his position to say and lead his company in doing.

While a mid-gen upgrade for consoles may be nice for consumers. As they can pick up a console that’s capable of handling better graphics or higher resolutions. Publishers still need to support the 10s of millions of launch consoles that have been sold over the past few years.

In fact, it has been a talking point that Microsoft’s weaker Xbox Series S is holding developers back as the requirement of ensuring their games run on the lower end hardware in order to publish an Xbox title either hampers the experience, or they are unable to launch an Xbox port at all.

A fair number of Take-Two’s biggest IPs certainly could benefit from more processing power, with the upcoming GTA VI being one of those games as an open world title. However given its potential release date and the company’s desire to launch on as many platforms as possible. It’s graphical fidelity may be lower than what some might have in mind.

What do you think? How important are mid-generation upgrades of consoles to you and would you consider purchasing one even if you had a regular PS5 or Xbox Series console? Maybe perhaps you don’t even care as you’re a part of the PC master race.

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