Taiwanese Politician Campaigned as Evangelion’s Asuka

While we’ve covered nerdy politicians here on Nicchiban and on Niche Gamer, a legislative candidate for the upcoming elections in Taiwan has stolen the spotlight.

Lai Pin-yu has been campaigning heavily with vice presidential candidate William Lai for a seat as a Democratic Progressive Party legislative candidate.

The duo has been making appearances at markets, temples, and more, however Pin-yu’s appearance at the Taiwan Grand Triumph concert has catapulted her into internet stardom.

Pin-yu cosplayed as Asuka Langley Soryu from the classic Gainax anime series Neon Genesis Evangelion. This is not the first time Pin-yu has cosplayed since getting into politics, and will likely not be the last either. Here’s some more photos from the event:

Pin-yu has also cosplayed as Rei Ayanami (also from Evangelion), Sailor Mars (from Sailor Moon), and more. She actually cosplayed as Sailor Mars for one of the event’s promo posters:

Pin-yu is campaigning for a seat in New Taipei City’s 12th electoral district, against Chinese Nationalist Party candidate Lee Yong-ping. The incumbent, New Power Party’s former executive chairman Huang Kuo-chang, is not seeking re-election.

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