Taimanin Asagi Banned From Steam for Characters Appearing Underage

LiLith’s Planning, Director and Story Writer Sasayama Ittousai has revealed their hentai visual novel Taimanin Asagi: Episode 1 was banned from Steam due to being suspected of depicting minors – after being on the store for mere days – possible due to characters appearing underage.

While Sasayama was discussing an upcoming project and a desire to bring it to the west via Steam via the official LiLith account, later posts revealed more about the situation with Taimanin Asagi. In short, the game was banned due to “very strict” rules on judging what is suspected to be a minor:

Editor’s Note: The link in the above paragraph is Safe For Work, as the archived image removes any images. However, we advise that other posts on the Twitter account contain NSFW images. Viewer discretion is advised.

Thank you for your comments.

[…] Unfortunately, Asagi Shinobu Asagi 1 [Taimanin Asagi: Episode 1] that was being reviewed by Steam but unfortunately they said no. I learned that Steam is very strict in judging visuals that may be suspected to be underage. I will use this experience in my new work.

Thank you for your comments on the situation in Steam and America. As a general rule, please be assured that I will draw erotica as I want to express. Please understand that expression regulations that are suspected to be minors are becoming stricter every year in Japan. The information from overseas users will be very helpful.”

Some have theorized this may have to do with one of the characters wearing a school uniform. Some of the games on Steam that have been banned may have been so due to featuring a school setting, or a character revealing a school uniform.

Our own research into Taimanin Asagi: Episode 1 has not been able to discover an official citation for the character’s ages, or if any of them attend an educational body.

We will keep you posted as we learn more.

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