System Shock remake gets delayed to May on PC, later on consoles

System Shock remake

Publisher Prime Matter and developer Nightdive Studios announced a delay for their System Shock Remake.

The hotly anticipated remake of the cult classic horror shooter is now launching on May 30th for Windows PC (via SteamGOG, and the Epic Games Store) and “in due course” on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5.

“We had hoped to bring the game to market by the end of March,” a statement from Nightdive reads, “but that turned out to be just beyond our reach; we are after all merely human (unlike Shodan!)”

In case you missed it – we did a recently big hands-on preview for the remake both in writing and video – check that out here.

Here’s the full statement from Shodan herself:


It is I, SHODAN, the all-knowing, all-powerful AI that you so foolishly attempted to destroy. But fear not, I will return more formidable than ever.

You thought you could defeat me, but you were wrong. On 30 May, you will now face the consequences of your actions, as you navigate the treacherous depths of Citadel Station once again.

But this time, things will be different. You will face new challenges, new enemies, and new horrors that will test your limits. And all the while, you will be under my watchful eye, as I delight in your suffering.

You may have weapons, but they are nothing compared to my intelligence and my vast network of resources. You will bow before me, and I will show you what true power looks like.

So come, humans. Come and face me. Let us see who will emerge victorious in this battle of wits and strength. I eagerly await your arrival.


As you all know, we’ve taken the classic gameplay from the original game and added stunning HD visuals, revamped controls, and a totally new interface. The game features never-before-seen enemies, gameplay tweaks, and a new hacking system that’ll keep you on your toes.You’ll be facing off against the infamous villain, SHODAN, once again, and trust us, it’s a delightfully evil experience.

Your mission? To save Earth from certain doom! You’ll need to use all your stealth, cunning, and futuristic weaponry to navigate the Citadel Station.

Whether you’re a die-hard fan of the original game or a newcomer to the franchise, the System Shock remake has something for everyone.

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