System Shock Gets Modernized, Now Available on GOG

While everyone enjoys System Shock 2 thanks to its slick interface and modern (late 90s, anyway) FPS controls that were given to it courtesy of the Thief engine, the first game doesn’t have that same level of user-friendliness in its GUI. Admittedly, it’s been a bit of a stumbling block for gamers not accustomed to the first game’s control scheme and has prevented it from attaining the same level of acceptance that its sequel has.

Thanks to the digital wizards at Night Dive Studios, that’s no longer a problem for the original System Shock, since a new enhanced version of the famed FPS-RPG is now available. Including a mouselook toggle, new inventory management systems, and higher resolution graphics, this new version of the first game should make those who were avoiding it due to its pre-quake era eccentricities consider trying it again.

    System Shock: Enhanced Edition now comes with official support for resolutions up to 1024×768 (compared to the original 640×480), and a native 854×480 widescreen mode. Gameplay is streamlined with a toggleable mouselook mode, including more intuitive inventory and item management. Combined with assorted bug-fixes and remappable controls, System Shock is now truly enhanced. Still, some gaming experiences are truly worth preserving, so you can also return to the authentic 90’s gameplay with System Shock: Classic – ready for modern systems, completely unaltered in all other aspects.

If you own System Shock 2, you can grab the first game at a 40% discount. Otherwise, the initial discount is 20%.

Editor’s Note: The article originally did not mention the new version being handled by developer Night Dive Studios, not GOG. GOG is selling the Enhanced Edition.

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