SYMMETRE II Ambidextrous Optical Mouse Announced


IOGEAR has announced a new mouse in their Kaliber Gaming line of peripherals, the SYMMETRE II optical mouse, and it supports ambidextrous use, custom weight, and more.

Retailing at $49.95, the SYMMETRE II combines a very comfortable ambidextrous design with button delete panels, the aforementioned adjustable weighting system, and up to eight programmable buttons.

The SYMMETRE II also comes with a PMD3389 optical sensor, 256Kb of onboard memory and customizable RGB accent lighting. This can also be paired with IOGEAR’s new SURFAS II Pro extended mouse mat, so you have maximum accuracy when gaming.

Here’s some key specs:

  • USB 2.0 eSports professional optical gaming mouse
  • 8 programmable buttons with custom programming software
  • Up to 16,000dpi with shift-on-the-fly adjustment
  • Adjustable weight system for precision tuning
  • Instantly switch between multiple profiles

The SYMMETRE II is now available to order over on the official IOGEAR site, as well as participating retailers.

Here’s a full run down the mouse:

Designed for Gamers Looking for A Perfect Mouse Experience

Kaliber Gaming by IOGEAR SYMMETRE II? Pro FPS Gaming Mouse offers PC and console gamers a truly customizable optical mouse experience. Designed for players of First-Person Shooter (FPS) games like Call of Duty® and Battlefield® as well as Third-Person Shooter (TPS) games like Outriders® and Fortnite®, the wired eSports-ready SYMMETRE II optical gaming mouse combines an ambidextrous design with button delete panels, an adjustable weighting system and eight programmable buttons for macros and keybinds to create the ultimate customizable mouse experience for the perfect feel for any gamer. With an adjustable 16,000 DPI optical chipset and RGB backlighting, dial in your mouse for the perfect feel and speed for any game.

In addition to gaming functions, SYMMETRE II’s programmability can also so make desktop functions quickly accessible by turning buttons into hotkeys to control media playback, insert text strings or automatically open files or programs. SYMMETRE II can be a powerful Photoshop, AutoCAD or Solidworks tool for creatives or be optimized for financial programs.


  • Ambidextrous Design – Featuring a completely ambidextrous design, the SYMMETRE II is a perfect partner to the left-handed gamer community. SYMMETRE II includes magnetic delete panels for the thumb buttons located on each side of the mouse, so users can easily remove unused buttons and avoid distraction. The software interface allows moving or reprogramming functions as needed to create dedicated right- or left-handed configurations with six, seven or eight buttons so that all gamers can play their way.
  • Optimized for Accuracy – Built for accuracy, SYMMETRE II’s adjustable 16,000 DPI ultra-responsive optical chipset makes every shot incredibly precise. Program up to five different DPI settings and instantly shift between each with the press of a button.
  • 8 Programmable Buttons – Increase your battlefield efficiency or simplify difficult real-world tasks using SYMMETRE II’s 8 programmable buttons. With the ability to configure each button for a different macro, shortcut or custom keybinding you will become faster both at work and at play.
  • Adjustable Weights – Increase your speed or increase your control by changing the weight of your SYMMETRE II with the adjustable weight system. Add or subtract up to 20.3 grams to customize your mouse response to best fit your gaming style
  • RGB Backlighting – Program the backlight to the RGB color of your choice, or cycle between multiple preset colors in a breathing pattern.
  • Customizable Profiles for Work and Play – With 256K built in memory, SYMMETRE II is entirely configurable with up to five (5) profiles for work or for play. Setup numerous user programmable functions with the Kaliber Gaming user interface software to set mouse buttons to activate keyboard commands and create custom macros to activate special abilities, healing, etc.

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