Swords and Soldiers HD is Coming to Wii U Next Month

swords and soldiers hd 03-28-14-1

While Ronimo Games is hard at work on Swords and Soldiers II for the Wii U, Two Tribes have announced that they are working on bringing the original in an updated, shiny new HD form, to the platform as well.

Whether you want to lead the Vikings in their quest to craft the ultimate barbecue sauce, or lead the Aztecs in the defense of their Holy Pepper, or set the Chinese to manufacturing an array of explosive toys, the original Swords and Soldiers was a break out hit that will be welcome on the Wii U.

The game will have a myriad of ways to defeat your enemies, some of the more notable avenues are: ninja monkeys, giant boulders, dart blowers, berserkers, and much, much more. Swords and Soldiers HD will also be playable on the Gamepad, via a custom touch scheme, or via the Wii remote, and it will also have multiplayer modes that combines the gamepad and the TV.

While the game has a tentative release between the months of April and May, expect the ultimate BBQ sauce to come alongside those shiny, spectacular high definition graphics, as the game is already going through localization and final bug testing.

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