Sword Art Online is Getting a Final Fantasy Inspired Smartphone Game

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Sword Art Online has already gotten an anime adaptation, as well as the upcoming game adaptation in the form of Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment, but it looks like Bandai Namco isn’t stopping there.

Yet another game has been confirmed, this time we’re looking at Sword Art Online: Code Register, a mobile game coming to iOS and Android devices sometime later this year. Featured above and below, you can get an idea of how the game plays via its debut screenshots:

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The game is described as an RPG with easy to use tap and play battle mechanics, featuring a customizable party where you can assemble various characters from the light novel and anime adaptation.

There seems to be quite a variety of characters and worlds to choose from, and they range from the majority of the story arcs, from Sword Art Online to Alfheim Online, and finally Gun Gale Online.

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Battles unfold via the game’s Duel Order System, a simple two step method of picking a character and then selecting an attack for them to perform on their enemies. You can even unleash combos that are naturally different, pending on whichever character you’re currently using. You’ll also have to factor in the switch system, if you want to survive those longer battles.

Just like the source material, there will be a multitude of unique skills that are imbued into both weapon and characters themselves, some of them enabling you to dish out some devastating amounts of damage. Some might even let you heal yourself or your allies, but coming from this you’ll have to factor in all of these abilities to win in the long run.

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One of the coolest bits about this reveal is that a limited time offer Kirito avatar is being given away to those fans who pre-register for the game, via the game’s respective iOS and Android pages.

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