Switch Lite Reportedly Uses “Same Analog Sticks” as Original Switch

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YouTuber The Retro Future has also conducted his own tear down of the console. While he notes the metal shielding around the analog-stick unit is different, there are no other differences he makes mention of.

Original Story:

It has been discovered that the new Nintendo Switch Lite utilizes the same analog sticks as the original model, despite complaints about the Joy-Con controller’s drifting.

The information comes via YouTuber Jonathan Downey (Spawn Wave), who took the new console apart to see how it works, its internal build quality, and the differences between the new and older models. His own audience had also inquired about the analog sticks.

During his “tear-down” Downey notes the internal components allow for a longer battery life despite the smaller battery, and that the speakers (while the same as the original Switch) are encased in plastic to redirect the sound out of the bottom of the console. He also notes the headphone jack and card reader are easier to remove for replacements, should they become damaged.

While he notes the D-Pad is better overall and may be less likely to give false inputs (at the cost of making it harder to input diagonally), he notes (at the 11:21 mark) that the analog stick “looks very much so looks like the regular analog stick that’s in” the original Nintendo Switch.

Upon disassembling the analog stick further, he notes that it is “pretty much the same,” though the part number is different. Downey theorizes this part number difference may be purely for inventory purposes, and that it is still functionally the same. Despite noting many of the internal components seem the same, Downey does say that there may have been changes in material that he could not detect.

“Even inside it looks very, very similar with the pads and everything. Maybe Nintendo made some small differences with the materials they’re using here, but from what I can tell it looks the same right now.”

This is sure to irk those who are concerned about the original Nintendo Switch’s analog stick drifting issue (giving directional input when no input is being made, “drifting” away from the neutral point). The issue grew so prolific a class-action lawsuit was filled against Nintendo, and Nintendo began to repair the Joy-Cons for free and refund prior repairs.

Other changes noted included the Wi-Fi antennas being in different positions (now one at the top and bottom) to possibly improve reception, easier access to the screen internally, and that the screen is the same as the one in the more recent “original” Switch models. Downey claims that if rumors of a new “more expensive” screen are true, that another Switch model may be in the works. This new model is also impossible to output videos with, due to the internal components lacking anything capable of doing so.

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